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Laser cutting has become a widely used technique for cutting mesh fabrics due to its versatility and ability to seal the cut edges. Laser cutters can cut any shape and seal the edges while doing so. Sealed edges prevent shedding of cut loops at the fabric edges and do not generate debris in cutting and post processing. The use of laser cutting techniques is available for mesh and felt fabrics. Send us an inquiry with your specific cutting needs and we will provide you with a price estimate for cut parts.

laser cut mesh
laser cut mesh laser cut mesh laser cut mesh laser cut mesh

In addition to traditional cutting techniques for resizing the mesh fabrics, we have a few types of polypropylene mesh fabrics that are conducive to splitting, that is, they can be separated in the length (warp) direction of the fabric. It is a useful technique for producing narrower webs of fabric that have formed looped edges as opposed to cut loop edges. The resultant edges are softer and produce less debris as compared to cut edges.

looped mesh edge looped mesh edge

Polypropylene mesh styles PPKM301, PPKM403, PPKM501, PPKM603, PPKM606, and PPKM801 are capable for being split into narrow webs and tapes.

If cuts or slits are created in our polypropylene mesh fabrics in the machine (warp) direction during the fabrication process or by the end user, it is advisable to place a reinforcing stitch at the end of the cut to prevent it from separating further. Certain styles of our polypropylene mesh fabrics may be more prone to this. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.




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