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SurgicalMesh™ provides PTFE, polyester, and composite needle felt fabrics for the manufacture of catheter cuffs, suture pledgets, suture line buttresses, and other applications. We maintain an inventory of our items, so that our customers do not experience long lead times, nor do they need to place special orders.

The PTFE Felt, Polyester Felt, and L-Felt™ Composite Felt fabrics are used in such applications as suture pledgets, suture line buttresses, septal defect plugs, and catheter cuffs. The Polyester / ePTFE composite felt fabrics are a great alternative to traditional PTFE felt fabrics.

Our fabrics are offered in convenient non-sterile sheet sizes, which can readily be converted into finished medical devices. We can also offer Custom Configurations upon request.

The The Polyester Needle Felts (PETNF) are offered in weights that range from 203 to 322 gsm.

The The Polytetrafluoroethylene Needle Felts (PTFENF) are offered in soft and firm densities with weights of 900 and 1800 gsm, respectively.

ISO-10993 Biocompatibility results are available to customers upon request.




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Our Products Can be Used in a Variety of Medical Device Applications.

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