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ABOUT SurgicalMesh

The SurgicalMesh™ Division of Textile Development Associates, Inc. brings quality knitted mesh and needlefelt nonwoven fabrics to the medical device industry. Fabrics are designed and manufactured to provide the properties and configurations required in medical device applications. The fabrics are supplied in convenient non sterile roll sizes for mesh and cut sheets for felt, which are ready for our customers to process into finished medical devices. SurgicalMesh provides classic mesh and felt designs and is pro active in developing new designs to meet the emerging trends in the medical device industry.

Our mesh fabrics are thermally annealed to prevent fabric curling, improve elastic recovery, enhance cut-edge integrity, increase softness and improve thermal dimensional stability. Mesh fabrics can be easily fashioned to create shapes using various cutting techniques, such as die cutting, hot die cutting, thermal cutting, and laser cutting. Common molding techniques can be used to create three-dimensional profiles.

Our felt fabrics are processed to optimize thickness uniformity and thermal stability. Felt fabrics can be cut using mechanical and thermal cutting techniques, such as laser cutting, die cutting, cross cutting, and razor knife cutting.

We also offer various types of yarns for customers manufacturing their own textile-based devices.

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